Slacky Flat Camping
View into centre of the racetrack area - Slacky Flat Camp


Camping at a festival adds another level of enjoyment to the event. It is a great way to meet like-minded music enthusiasts and very handy to have a tent nearby if you get tired at the late night sessions. However unlike most other festivals around Australia, the IFF has a limited camping area and we have to plan the camping spaces carefully to fit in all the people that love to camp at Bulli. Even though you may be a seasoned festival camper, could you read these notes carefully.

Depending on the type of camping you require and the size of your tent or your RV, we will endeavour to accommodate you in the camping area you request. However, you will not be able to nominate a specific camping site or reserve an individual site for yourself or anyone else. You can book campsites as a group but you must organise one booking for all the sites and register your chosen group name eg Fred's Mates.Group bookings must be either all in C1 sites, all in C2 sites or all in C3 sites. The three camping sizes for 2018 are:

a. C/1   6m x 6m. All tents, small campervans and small campertrailers (grass areas)

b. C/2   5m x 8m. All larger campervans, large camper trailers, all caravans and motorhomes ( mainly hardstand area)

c. C/3   5m x 10m +. Largest Motorhomes and Caravans (hardstand area )

If you require better quality camping facilities or your RV won't fit into these sites,  try the local Wollongong City Tourist Parks at Bulli, Woonona or Windang CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION 

All campers (whether a volunteer, performer, folk music school attendee or festival ticket holder) are only allowed to enter the festival site from Thurs 8am before the Festival and must leave by Monday 10am. This means if you arrive early, you will have to make your own arrangements to camp outside the festival grounds until Thursday morning. ( Folk Music School attendees excepted )

or call 1300 887 034 for over the phone Mastercard and Visa card facility.


2018 map

4Day Pass Camping Rates

To camp at the festival you need to purchase:a "4Day Festival Ticket" ($150 earlybird) and a "Campsite Ticket" ($40)      ( Campsite Ticket includes a camping person pass PLUS books a campsite)

If you are sharing a site, you need to purchase a "4Day Festival Ticket"($150 earlybird)  and a "Camping Person Pass only - Share Ticket" ($20)  ( Share Ticket includes a camping person pass BUT DOES NOT book a campsite)

You will receive special wristbands for you and members of your group which will identify you as official Folk Festival Campers, allowing you access to the grounds. You will also receive a coloured tag for your tent/van  and car which will signify to the volunteers who check the ground, that you have paid for your site and you are camping in the correct area. All campers must wear their campers wristband during the weekend and secure the supplied tag to their tent or van or car.

Please note camping rates are flat rates, so whether you stay one or four nights, you will pay the same amount.

Camping Information

There is a limit of 385 camp sites at the Bulli Showground site so please book and pay for your camping site with your ticket purchase as early as possible. Campervans, 5th wheelers, motorhomes and caravans are most welcome and will have designated sites. However there are no powered or water connections available. If you need electric power for any purpose, you will have to book into a caravan park.

Please do not turn up on Monday and ask for access to the camping area. You need to organise your travel plans to arrive after Wednesday morning.

Due to the limited camping available, you will be allocated an area to camp in depending on the size of your tent or RV. On arrival you you will be directed to to your allocated camping area. Caravans and motorhomes will not be able to camp on the centre oval (Slacky Flats).

One nominated car is allowed to park within the allocated space for your campsite if there is room. Additional cars must be moved to the festival car park. Due to the popularity and limited camping area at Slacky Hieghts, you will not be able to to park your car next to your tent, but we ask that you remove it to the car park area on the greyhound track

Group Bookings

For 2018, group bookings, of 3 or more campsites, will be able to pre-book designated campsites. All campsites must be paid and booked together in one booking under one buyers name, with each campsite listed with the individual campers names. For more information, contact 1300 887 034.


Entry for the camping sites is via Grevillea Park Road, accessible from the Grand Pacific Drive (Princes Highway). You will only be able to access the camping areas when the Camping Office is open and volunteers can direct you to your campsite.

Camping Office Hours (Camping Registration is within the Festival Office Tent)

  • Monday         Closed
  • Tuesday         Closed
  • Wednesday    9am - 8pm
  • Thursday       8am - 8pm
  • Friday            7.30am - 7pm
  • Saturday        7.30am - 11am
  • Sunday          Closed

If you arrive outside these hours, you will not be admitted to your campsite. Please make alternative arrangements. There will be 24hour security staff on the entrance.

Some rules and recommendations

  • Festival wristband must be worn at all times. All children must also have an wristband as well.
  • Children and youth who are camping must be accompanied by a responsible camping parent.
  • Entry to campsite is for Festival ticketed campers only.
  • Maximum of 6 persons per campsite
  • Please do not light any campfires
  • There is to be a minimum of 2.5 metres between tents. One vehicle is able to be parked beside tents on Slacky Flat (centre of race track) area. Additional vehicles will need to be parked in the car parking areas.
  • No parking is allowed next to tents at Slacky Heights and cars must be parked beside the road or in the festival car park.
  • Please recycle waste. Bins are marked as recycling / compostable and general waste.
  • Please do not leave any valuables in cars or tents.
  • Generators - The use of generators is only permitted by motorhomes or caravans camping in the Wanderers Camp  or Middle Earth areas between 8am and 8pm to recharge ‘house batteries’ and at the discretion of management.
  • Sorry no pets allowed. You will be asked to leave if you bring a pet.
  • Please be courteous of your neighbours at night and keep noise to a minimum. All late night sessions should be inside the Grandstand Bar and Restaurant.
  • Please make sure that all your camping equipment stays within your allocated space.
  • Any unruly behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in your removeal from the site. 24hour security is on hand to ensure the safety and amenity of all campers.

Camping area near Grevillea Park - small tents only

Late Night Partying

A noise curfew will apply to all camping areas after 10pm. Anyone wishing to party on can go to the Grandstand Bar and Restuarant areas inside the Grandstand building. Please keep all sessions inside the building. Please be courteous of other campers and festival neighbours.


There are limited hot water showers so please conserve water and keep your showers short. There are hot showers for women and men under the Grandstand. There are also some showers in the small toilet block near the entry to the main Festival site.

Smoke Free Festival

The Illawarra Folk Festival is a Smoke Free Festival. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the Festival site including camping areas.


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